Treat Your Food like Fall Fashion: Build Layers

Everyone is looking for a shortcut. From crock pots to pressure cookers, take out to pre-portioned and packaged foods. Jars of slow cooked tomato sauce, Thai curry or basil heavy pesto make everything taste nice. All of the previous are great ways of ensuring an ever changing variety of delicious taste and flavor sensations which I heartily applaud.

I even more heartily applaud visiting the grocery store once a week and setting yourself up with ways to enhance any and all dishes. Making your own sauces or stocking up on new cheeses and herbs. Surprise yourself with flavor combos and maybe in the process, create your own shortcuts.

You may remember how much I like braising beans. I mean, how cheap and easy is that? Make one pot, make two! There’s really no difference in cook or prep time. The difference is down the line, assembling your dishes in layers with reckless abandon.

There are so many ways to layer food. Let’s say you’ve followed my lead and made a big pot of vegan beans. There’s lots of roasted garlic dissolved into the soupy liquid and the sweet, savory cider vinegar offsets the fresh piney scent of rosemary and thyme.

But there’s still something missing. Some richness that would make your meal complete.

Have no fear! Semi-hard aged cheese is here!


I take a few slices of aged Gouda and let it dissolved into the simmering liquid. What you’re left with is a fortified, rich and complex stock that tastes like the a dream. No chicken required.

This is what soup wants to taste like.



Is there salsa verde and kale in there? Hell yes there is and it was gone before it had time to cool.



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