We Go Together Like Avocado and Pretty Much Everything

As a born and raised New Englander, I didn’t grow up with avocado. The whole concept of Mexican food was completely elusive. Corn tortillas? Ew.

Refried beans? What was wrong with them the first time?

Pair that with a mild aversion to “squishy” things and lets just say, avocado didn’t stand much of a chance.

Hold your tears, folks. Always put your money on avocado and not just at Chipotle.

As time went on, I learned to not just love but crave avocado. Once reviled, crispy corn chips became a vehicle for mounds of green goodness. Winter was an excuse to top soup with slick green slices of crescent perfection. Sandwiches were stacked with wedges on top of wedges.

Now, avocado goes with everything but my favorite way is when my fridge is stocked with my home prepped touches.


There is really only one way to effectively do this: buy in bulk and portion at home.

How? You say.

What can I do? You say.

It’s too much work! You say.

Of course it’s a lot of work. It’s your body and putting some thought into       what goes into your body is actually one of the most important gifts you can   give to yourself.

Which is why I buy two bunches of cilantro at a time and dump them in a      food processor, stems and all! Add a few cloves of garlic, juice from a whole lemon, salt and pepper and olive oil.

Put into two small containers and freeze one. It will last in the fridge with a tightly fitted seal for at least two weeks.

Add some of your favorite hot sauce. Mine is Sambal Olek:

FullSizeRender-2          FullSizeRender-5

Sambal Olek is ground chilli paste with vinegar and is the precursor to Sriracha. A big heaping dose on top of avocado is probably my happy place. Top with a dollop of my cilantro puree and winter is saved!



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