Feathers, Sequins and Rum, oh my.

It’s very tiring being a busy little bee. That is exactly what I’ve been. Buzzing around without a care in the world. Over the past month I’ve been to Stockholm, Las Vegas and Hawaii watching people get hitched, get loose and get down. The Goddamn Circus/Cirque Du Soir in Stockholm was an epic display of awesomeness. Except for the boa constrictor. I hyperventilated in a corner while people had it draped across their shoulders. I later heard there were two. FML. Moving on…..ImageWould you believe that I already had this tutu lurking in the closet, waiting for its moment to shine in the sun? Well, I did and boy did it shine!

ImageTigers and zebras and sequins, oh my!

ImageWe pranced and danced and pranced some more.

ImageBeware of butter knives.

Imageand wandering minstrels. For real. Never trust a man in pointy shoes.

ImageAlthough playing with fire is strongly encouraged. Especially when the boa constrictor is nearby. I would so torch one, fo sho.

ImageWe danced until our feet ached and the music echoed in our ears.

ImageI rounded off the night with a ride in a shopping cart (6 inch heels be damned!) and late night harmonica and rum session on a hostel in a big red boat.

ImageI woke up with a harmonica in my back and enough memories to make me smile for days. Takk sa mycket, Stockholm! I’ll be back. Maybe not in February…


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