Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Resolution?

I hate making resolutions. They are usually the same every year: lose weight, be a nicer person, find a job I love. The only time I’m nicer is when I’m drinking and after the past few years, that’s just not healthy. As a result I am going for a slightly more well rounded approach. Since the past year was an epic perspective shift I have changed my New Year’s Resolutions to Life Goals beginning in 2013. Let’s start cherry picking!


1) I will eat one chip not one bag of chips. This is not only totally doable but a good way to practice the meditation of not eating your emotions.


2) I will learn learn to shave my legs properly ie just because I can’t see the back of my thighs doesn’t mean that others can’t


3) I will learn Swedish swear words and hopefully in the process learn Swedish. The shocked look on many people’s faces alone would be worth it.


4) I will cater to myself instead of others and erase my heritage of Jewish guilt (not the gold coins) one uplifting adventure at a time


5) I will love myself more than anyone else possibly could, or probably should. Seriously, have you seen the back of my thighs?


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