New Year New You

Hello again January. It’s been, well, 11 months since last we met. How did I do this past year?


Let’s review: learned the basics of sailing, sailed around the Caribbean twice and the coast of Croatia more times then I can count, learned how to cheers in 4 different languages, dove for abalone, learned about the international seamen game, saw 2 close friends get married, welcomed two new members to my family and renewed my blonde roots.


A pretty good twelve months I would say. Still, after returning from a ridiculous trip where I was educated further about crab walking, Thai Talc and a completely revolutionary way to imbibe spirits I can’t help but feel that the best is yet to come. How do I say this with such utter certainty? Call it gut instinct or pure unadulterated wishing but it feels like I’ve thrown a handful of dice into the air and I’m waiting to see how they fall. They good news is that anyway will pretty much be fantastic.


Did I forget to mention all the fancy dress? Well there will be lots more of that in 2013 if I have anything to do with it. And I do.




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