Deck The Balls

Everyone likes balls; myself especially. Little or big they’re simply a good time. When my cousin said there was a place for lunch that had balls, well, folks, she had me at balls. The Meatball Shop is a super cute little spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn around the corner from her place.

photo 1 (19)

They’re totally in the spirit of the holidays!

Now, down to business:

photo 4 (16)

The menu is laminated. So you take a sharpie and check of what kind of ball, sides, etc that you want. Everything is from sustainable, homemade, organic and farm sourced blah blah blah. Even better it’s delicious.

photo 2 (20)

This little skeleton is too young for balls, but I’m sure they’ll just drop in sooner or later.

The Special- Jingle Balls which is pork and venison in a juniper chocolate sauce over porcini risotto of the day

photo 2 (21)

I chose the everything but the kitchen sink salad with spicy pork balls and mushroom gravy. They pick the sides. Imagine this plate empty. Now see my smiling face. Et voila!

photo 3 (17)

Then there was this drink. It is technically called a Coquito which is the Puerto Rican verson of  eggnog with coconut cream. It was utterly swoon worthy AND to top it all off there was a single massive square beveled ice cube!!! Sublime holiday perfection in a glass. I needed a cube to go with all those balls.

photo 1 (20)

photo 5 (8)

Then I noticed the wall of antique meat grinders. I love this place.

photo 5 (9)

There would be a picture of dessert, two butter cookies sandwiching homemade cinnamon ice cream. But there were two boys at the table. The ball of ice cream never stood a chance.


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