Santacon and Sausage Balls

Holiday spirit, I have arrived. Basically, give me an excuse to throw or attend a party and I’m there. Before leaving the Bay there were a few small festivities I had to get out of the way….


Thank you Santacon for giving me an excuse to paint my face.


No idea who this guy is but K and him instantly bonded over candy canes. And color schemes.

The night before I attended a Progessive dinner party were there are three courses served at three different houses that are all near each other. We started at the beginning. Obviously.


Apps were buffalo chicken dip and sausage balls. I kid you not these things are addictive. I made the mistake of asking how they’re made. I grabbed another one before the information had time to process. (3 cups of bisquick, 1 package of Jimmy Dean sausage and a can of cheese. Yes, I said a can.)


The paparazzi were impressed, needless to say.


I contributed this chipotle pulled pork delight with chimichurri sauce which is basically cilantro pesto made with 2 bunches of cilantro, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 1/2 lemons, Extra Virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. It goes on everything……


There was also a little carne asada tri tip from Trader Joe’s. Who doesn’t want meat with a side of meat?


Yeah boy, show off that plate. He claimed the Santa hat was blue in honor of his Floridian roots. My half Jewish side ignored that and graciously accepted it as an homage to my people.


Pretty sure D agrees.


Happy holidays everyone! May your season be filled with random acts of kindness and much need for cheersing. As my Aunt says, “Up the bottoms!”



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