Girls love DJs


This attractive man’s butt pretty much says it all. As I sit in a coffee shop, the weather outside is crisp and sunny. I am wrapped in a homemade tie dyed fringe scarf and trying desperately to focus. Yet in one week I will be in NYC with this guy


I am practically bursting with joy.

Then I am lucky enough to return to one of my favorite places in the world.


The British Virgin Islands otherwise known as Paradise, cue Coldplay “para-para-paradise”.

ImageAnd then there are the people. The craziest bunch of party people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Speaking with one of my skipper friends the other day, he said, “there are no rules, we’ll go totally crazy because it’s only one week.”

I am officially scared. The last time I went we had 5 boats and I broke my pinky toe.

This time there are 35. Pray for me.

Imageeh, i’ll probably be just fine….


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