City of Angels

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Los Angeles is a bizarre and lovely place. It is as simultaneously dreamy and glitzy as it is hard and shiny with a massive urban sprawl. If you look closely at the above picture you can make out the Hollywood sign. No, I have never climbed it. That I can recall….

You can find decadent macarons (pronounced mac a ron) with a soft n. These are not macaroons, those are what you pretend to eat during Passover when leavened bread is verboten and if you are unlucky enough not to pretend they sit in your stomach until next Passover.

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These little darlings are light as air sweet egg whites filled with thick ganache or as I prefer salted caramel (swoon)

Then you go to the beach and pretend you don’t feel like a whale. If you go to Long Beach you can even take your dog!

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A trip south isn’t complete without a stopover at Urth Cafe. You’ve seen this place featured in Entourage a million times and there is usually some sort of mini celeb spotting. My personal favorite part is the ice blended delicacy that they call a caffe granita.

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And then there was more pizza….. How is it possible that pizza is the perfect conveyance for any ingredient under the sun? This one had roasted butternut squash and scoops of fresh ricotta. Before we even thought to ask, the helpful servers delivered a little tray with chili oil, fresh oregano and shredded Parmesan. Stop it. Stop it right now.

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That was the exact moment I recalled the stuffed whale on the beach thing. Then I realized I didn’t care. Which was when I scheduled a last meal before leaving the city of angels. Blu Jam Cafe is smack in the middle of Hollywood. Therefor is completely out of the way for anyone who doesn’t live in Hollywood. I threw caution to the wind and made the trek. What did I find? Brunch Carbonnara? Brilliant! Smoked bacon and sweat pea risotto topped with poached eggs and pistou  (pesto in french still tastes like pesto). Stuffed and happy I then drove for 6 hours.

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