Eat, Love, Pizza

Amidst the turkey and hiking and beaching from last week there was a birthday. Not sure if you could tell but, well, we like to eat delicious things in my family. When in Los Angeles, take restaurant advice from the locals. A last minute reservation for 8 at the high top table with a view of the pizza oven and you have a recipe for success thanks to Sotto.

Candied ginger, mint and tequila? Don’t mind if I do…. They called it “Pass the Buck.” I called it gone in two sips.

I meant to take many pictures of the delicious food. Which is quite challenging when chestnut ricotta gnocchi in a sage butter sauce arrive in front of you.

While flavorful and well seasoned, the texture was more like a baby matzo ball. The pizza, how ever…pure bliss. Do you see those char bubbles on the crust? That’s what an 800 degree Fahrenheit oven will get you. I don’t remember what was on either pizza nor do I care. There could have been any combination of ingredients and it would be amazing.

Aunt R and uncle D approved.


We even had a celebrity sighting, I tried to get Uncle D to snap a pic since he was sitting behind me but well…

I’ll give, it was Conan.

Not that Conan.

Just without the monkey. Monkeys don’t like pizza.

Then these grilled pork meatballs came out and I forgot all about it.

We were so stuffed we only ordered one dessert avec candle for the birthday girl. Holy chocolate hazel nut cake!

I don’t like chocolate (gasp, sigh) but everyone agreed it was amazing. Considering that it vanished in 2.5 seconds I concede to their judgment.

Happy birthday A!!!


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