Friendsgiving Rules

Thanksgiving  comes but once a year. Which is why Friendsgiving is a necessity to the modern city dweller. Last night, some of my friends and a whole bunch of people I don’t know gathered to pay homage.

Gather 30 people, wine, beer and a 24 lb turkey and you have a recipe for success.

Unless you’re the turkey then….well, thanks for being delicious!

There were lots of pictures of food taken…..

Just not by me. Thanks K! I was too busy eating.

When you have to sit on the floor at a dinner party, you know you’re doing something right.

B is too happy to keep his eyes open

Bag of rolls anyone?

Um, congrats on the dexsterous fingers? Things get weird after that much food. And beer. All in all, a success. I even ran into the younger sister of someone I went to high school with from across the country. It’s a small SF world and happily getting smaller all the time. Happy Friendsgiving!


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