The Alchemy of Bubbles

There are few things better than seeing a lot of great friends in one place at one time in a gorgeous new bar in a slightly hidden location. Except when that bar is the creation of a very good friend. With no idea what to expect and a wink from the bouncer I ascended a dimly lit staircase into a massive room filled with people. Packed to the gills is a more appropriate term.

Every bit of copper pipe installation was done by hand as were the cocktails shaken by mustached men (Movember is a way of life in San Francisco) How does one go wrong by ordering a “beez nuts” or “stop fenneling me?” I mean really? We opted for bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles in celebration.

The number of frosty glasses I consumed is neither here nor there.

S seems kinda happy….

Silly me, I had no idea it was shirtless cowboy Saturday.

I think my favorite part was the Tim Burton-esque stop action movies projected on the walls. Love it Alcehmistsf!


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  1. Patti Zimmerman says:

    Is this Kinson’s place? I wanna go, I want bubbles!

    1. Yes it is! The bubbles were delicious!

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