A Party Game For Terrible People

We are all trying to be a little savvier with money these days. That doesn’t mean that I want to stop having fun. Entertaining is an art that I’ve been perfecting all summer. Or potentially you could say, my whole life. I learned from my mother who is the best in the game. Everything is planned to that last detail, menu, table set 24 hours in advance. In college her tagline was “party giver, party goer.” I have taken that theme and run off into the horizon with it.

Hence, game night. Enter “Cards Against Humanity.” It is the racist grandfather of “apples to apples” and completely unapologetic about it. What other game has the phrase “chunks of prostitute” and “suspersoaker full of cat pee”  as part and parcel? Not nearly enough, frankly. It deserves a weekly party.

We began with mugs of mulled wine. Perfect on a cold night and so simple. A bottle of wine, a 1/4 cup of sugar and two tables spoons of mulling spices. Heat until warm, not hot and enjoy!

Those lucky pieces of bread were about to be brushed with garlic oil and broiled.

Baked goat cheese in chunky tomato basil sauce anyone? Yes please.

Thank YOU K! Recipe here.

We might have gone a little crazy and dipped some  fried raviolis into the baked goat cheese. I am not ashamed.

Game night success! Next week can’t come fast enough.


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