Blog Envy

So, hello. Welcome to my new venture in the land of blogging! As far as I can tell, I live a pretty fabulous life surrounded by some pretty fabulous people. Yet, I read other blogs ( and you’re killing me!) and I experience a serious case of FOMO. In case you aren’t aware FOMO means the “Fear Of Missing Out.” It has been known to strike with sudden urgency and induce voracious facebook stalking/googling and mass texting. Homer Simpson once said it about beer but it’s far more true for social media, “the cause and solution to all of life’s problems.”

Ok, it’s still true for beer. In an effort to appease my FOMO, voila!

I was contentedly sitting in the living room on episode 18 of a “Revenge” binge with the roommates, J and K, when I received a text from A asking what I was up to. She had rented a tiny little Fiat and would pick me up in 5 minutes for an AirBNB event in the Dogpatch. Well, my friends, when opportunity knocks you answer.


The event was basically over by the time we got there, sigh. The kegs were kicked which was very disappointing. Turns out it was a friend’s brewery who has blown up since I was away all summer (in Croatia, more to follow). His little side project that had us all wasted on chamomile beer is now Pac Brew Lab.


The only freebie left was this delightful vanilla bitter orange and macadamia ice dream. That’s why it’s all gone….


There were gorgeous art installations everywhere


Well thanks @Airbnb it was a lovely party. In the future I’ll show up on time. Maybe.


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