Edible Vegetables

It seems like everyone is obsessed with food. Especially in San Francisco. A surprisingly few number of people actually know how to prepare it for themselves. Which is why I took myself to culinary school a few years back. My natural aversion to being told what to do won out and I wanted to make food without using recipes. The more I’ve cooked the more it seems that knowing how to work with what you’ve got is the best way to live life as well as cook food. So here is my technique for making the most out of some easily prepared greens. You should eat lots of greens by the way. Who doesn’t like to be regular?

Fire up your trusty saute pan. I like a nice big pan not aluminum, makes for a more evenly distributed heat. You really only need one plus a massive pot for pasta and a cast iron one with a fitted cover but I digress.

Once that pan is pretty close, add a splash of oil. In all seriousness, that Extra Virgin Olive Oil you have in the pantry is no use to you here and is a waste of good stuff. The heat will break down the oil so all those extra properties mean zilch. Plus it will start smoking hence burning at a much lower temp. Have some basic olive oil on hand or whatever other oil you prefer. Add a splash and then the sliced zucchini rounds in a single layer. A sprinkle of salt, it brings out the water in your zukes, and some fresh ground pepper make it nice.


After a few minutes flip them over with your trusty tongs.


Yum, love the crispy singed bits. Now, an entire bag of pre-washed and chopped kale. Mine is from Trader Joe’s but whatever you like. See how big the pile is? Make sure to add some more salt and watch the magic happen.

Next pile up those veggies, which I topped with some Chinese Five Spice pork.

The pomegranate seeds were a tart sweet flavor upper. I love sweet and savory.



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